Professional Housekeeping

Forget about managing your bookings, connecting with your guests, and marketing your place – caring for your Airbnb rental is almost a full-time job all on its own. It’s vital that you take the utmost care in your turnover cleanings as your new guests are expecting perfection from every angle. If something goes awry, they’re likely to mention it in their review and that can hurt your business.

You’ve got a few choices to keep your rental spick and span depending on your comfort level, cash flow, and availability.


We’ve broken down some of the pros and cons to your 3 options: 


  • Cleaning yourself

  • Hiring an individual

  • Hiring a private company. 

Which one is the best for you?



Cleaning Yourself

There are some obvious pluses and minuses here, no doubt about it. Of the 3 options, handling turnover cleanings yourself is the most economical and will help keep your margins at their highest. But is it worth the savings?



More Money!

If you’re cleaning everything yourself, you’ll pocket a lot more cash from your hosting gig. You can still require your guests to pay the max allowed for a cleaning service charge and they’ll be none the wiser that it’s you cleaning up after their stay.

Everything is Perfect

If you’re a perfectionist and a bit obsessive about where things go in your home or vacation rental, you have complete control of where items get moved if you’re doing the cleaning. You likely won’t run the risk of things getting misplaced or lost.



Time? What Time?

You’ll be saving money, sure, but what you save in dollars you pay for in time.

Depending on the size of your vacation rental, you could be spending a ton of time cleaning after your guests have left. Remember: You may not be a hotel but your guests will expect your place to be clean and comfortable like a hotel.

That means you’ve got to put in more than just a little elbow grease. To ensure you’re really really ready for your next guests, you may need to set aside an entire day for your turnover cleaning. That can cut into your occupancy rates and, in the end, cost you more than you’re saving.

If you’re doing the cleaning on your own, you’re sacrificing a lot. It’s easier if you’ve got family to help but that’s often not the case, especially if you’re renting just a spare room in your home.

Takes Away Focus On your Airbnb Business.

There is a lot more to running a vacation rental business than just putting up your listing. If you’re spending your time cleaning, that means you’re devoting less time to your main goal….growing your vacation rental business! If you enjoy the cleaning and will be available for it, that’s fine, but if your goal is to automate your business and/or grow it, cleaning the home by yourself won’t be sustainable.


Hiring help

Hiring someone can be a major game changer, whether you decide to hire an individual or a professional cleaning company. Sure, it cuts into your profits a bit but, unlike doing it all yourself, you’ll be saving a ton of time and won’t need to scrub that toilet by yourself!

If you’re planning to hire help, which option is the best one?


Hiring an Individual Cleaner


Build a Relationship!

You will be working with an individual person. That means you can build a relationship with your cleaner and potentially help each other’s businesses.

Train the Cleaner Yourself

You’ll be able to spend more time with this single individual and train them exactly how you like things. 



Single Point of Failure.

What if the cleaner gets sick and cannot work? What if the cleaner flakes? The worst case scenario for any host is having a guest walk into a dirty home. Relying on an individual cleaner means that if this person cannot clean, you’re either scrambling to find someone or it’s you cleaning!

Who Are You Hiring?

Unlike professional cleaning services that insist on background checks and insurance, private home cleaners may not offer the same kind of assurances. 


Another possible problem you might face is with turnover. Sure, you might (and should) ask for references, but that will not guarantee that quality of their work, punctuality , honesty and etc.
If you are not pleased with this individual work, you’ll need to look for a replacement and start all over again ( background check, references, training, etc)


Hiring a Professional Airbnb Cleaning Service



Your Personal A-Team!

If you want to least hassle, this is the way to go.

By hiring a company that specializes in vacation rental turnover cleanings, you’re ensuring your home is more than just “clean,” it’s hosting clean.

You’re Covered, Top to Bottom!

Professional cleaning company are better equipped, generally speaking, to handle short-notice jobs (because more cleaners on-staff) and are able to handle last-minute additions if your most recent guests were a little messier than usual.

Also, the most important word here is TEAM. That’s right: You’re not relying on a single person to get your place ready for your next guests which means your home gets put back together faster and more efficiently. And you are much less likely to get the dreaded “no-show” from a cleaner flaking since the company likely has multiple cleaners on hand.

Professional cleaning companies will also be fully insured and have company policies in place for accidents or any other mishaps that could happen while their people are on your property.



Naturally a professional cleaning company is going to be more expensive than cleaning yourself, however, you will have time to MANAGE your business and make it grow instead of cleaning toilets. Trying to save few bucks a month can cost you thousands of dollar along the way.

AirHomy can provide you with the perfect world scenario!

  • Detail oriented, spotless and sparkling cleaning as you were cleaning yourself.

  • Up close and personal housekeeping management by training and coaching the cleaning staff to meet your personal  requirements.

  • A large team of vetted and trained professionals

  • Professional equipments

  • Insurance coverage

We manage the cleaning and turnover process up close as if your home was one of our own.


We'll be your eyes and ears at all times!