Interior Design and Staging

The process of selecting the perfect place to stay can be overwhelming, especially for Airbnb first-timers. With hundreds of amazing listings to choose from, how can you make your home stand out?


You may have a fantastic design sense and deliver incomparable hospitality to your guests, but thoughtful home staging can help you attract guests in the first place—and provide a great experience when they stay in your home


From furniture to artwork, and appliances to other stylistic details – there are many things that guests consider when comparing vacation homes, and these days they have more options than ever. 


We are specialized in every step of the Airbnb set up and decorating process – whether you are remodeling your vacation home all together, preparing for a specific guest, or transitioning your personal home or condo into an appealing vacation rental space. We will meet your personal design visions, while providing industry expertise on what guests are looking for. With years of experience in both the residential and hospitality interior design realms, we have a valuable understanding of what is important to both you and your guests.

Here are some tips to consider when preparing your home for your Airbnb business:

Show guests how they’d live in your home

People have trouble imagining how they would be comfortable in your home, so spell it out for them. Open a cookbook on the counter or put a carafe of water and a novel by the bed.


Show personality, not personal items

There’s a difference between showing personality in design and a filling a space with personal items. If a space is meant for guests, too many pictures of your dog and family might make them feel uncomfortable, so replace them with local art and photos to add a sense of place.


Paint your front door an unexpected color

It sends the message that your home is well cared for. This will definitely make your home stand out among the others!


Learn from hotel bathrooms, but improve

Everyone loves a clean, crisp looking bathroom—something hotels know well. Make sure your counter is free of products except a couple that have pretty packaging. Provide other necessities you would expect in your own home, but they can be tucked away in drawers or baskets. Place rolled up white towels in a basket and add a potted plant to brighten the room.


Add a large mirror

Big mirrors make a room appear more spacious and they look great in ANY room! Placing a mirror next to a window brings in more light, and acts as an added window when placed opposite an existing one.


Toss in at least one quirky item

Airbnb guests search through a lot of homes, so making yours unique is key. If a fun little figurine in the photos of your home or something makes your place stand out, all the better!


Make room for a bedroom sitting area

It seems counterintuitive to pack in more furniture, but if you have the space put an upholstered bench or two, a chair and a side table in a corner. If you’re offering a studio, this step is necessary. It makes the room look and feel more spacious!


Adorn with flowers

No one wants to stay in a home without some decor. I use white orchids in homes I stage because it’s a clean flower that gives an upscale look to any room.



Dim the lights

Ambient lighting sets the stage. To give potential guests a real feel of your home, you’ll want to post pictures of your home during the day and night. If your home gets a lot of natural light, open the blinds and take pictures of each room lit up. Dim the lights for evening pictures to give your home a softer look.


Don’t forget the outside

Your yard says a lot about your home. Before snapping a photo of your home’s exterior, make sure the landscaping is done. If possible, add an outdoor seating area (a cushioned bench, a small table and two chairs). Planted flowers and a door mat keep the yard looking fresh and inviting!