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Listing Setup and Management


Have you ever wondered how to earn more on your Airbnb listing?

Our Airbnb team of specialists are here  to setup and optimize the attractiveness of your listing.

The Airbnb platform uses a complex algorithm that will determine which listings will appear in the first page of search or last.
There are a variety of factors that influence these results and a deep understanding of these factors can determine the success of your Airbnb business 

Before undergoing to the depths of this technology, there are some steps that every homeowner/host should take:

Step 1: Make sure you show up on relevant Airbnb searches

Before potential guests go on Airbnb, they already have pre-selected travel dates and ideal locations in mind. So, in order to appear, it is important that you meet the potential guest’s criteria (or search filters). While you might not always have control over these factors, it is still helpful to look at these criteria.


Step 2: Get on top of search results

Everybody wants this. But how do you make sure that searchers see you first?

One of the answers — great customer service and regularly updated listings that show complete information.

Keep in mind:
Airbnb’s ranking algorithm was created (among other things) to reward hosts who can provide their guests with a great travel experience. The happier the guest is with their stay, the higher you rank.

Step 3: "Convince" guests to look at your listing

You’re already up there but how do you convince the guests you’re the right choice and get them to click your listing to learn more inside?

To start :  Be attractive.
Guests see the overview of your listing first so getting their attention at that point is important.

Step 4: Convincing the guests to inquire after your listing

So now, you have convinced the them to click on your listing and they’ve seen through the details of your listing. But they are also looking at other listings. How do you convince them to book yours?

Professional photos, a home very well decorated matching the style of your property and the area that you are at,extra amenities,the ability of speak different languages (among other things) will be a good start!

Step 5: Get that booking!

All we want is for that potential guest to click ‘book’.
Guests will start inquiring (or instantly booking!) when you’ve perfected steps 1 to 4. To get that desired booking, we go back to the important basics:

Excellent customer service. Let them know they can also receive top service from you like what they get from those multiple starred hotels (this gives you higher rankings too). You can offer this when you ensure to respond to your guests in a timely manner, make sure you understand their needs.


Airbnb super hosting skills start with excellent customer service and excellent customer service also covers responding to guest inquiries quickly — ideally within an hour.

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