Maintenance and Repair

Ensuring your place is always in top condition, our maintenance experts take care of everything. Our skilled in house team take care of all maintenance on your property so it's always guest ready. From lawn mowing to repairs in the home including but not limited to faucet replacing, light bulb changing, lock installation etc, our handyman helps you out as part of our service package

When we first get your Airbnb property to manage, we like to make detailed check lists of problem areas inside the unit and report them to the owners. We will go room by room, door to door, top to bottom,left to right! 


Even if you and your guest are clean and respectful to your property, you will notice that eventually things start wearing out. It’s more cost effective to make repairs as soon as they show up.

AirHomy is available 24/7 for any emergency repairs needed to ensure you don’t lose revenue while at the same time avoid inconvenience to your guests.

During each and every turnover your home will be inspected to make sure there are no maintenance issues or damages. If a maintenance issue does occur, we'll handle it quickly because we understand that lost time is lost revenue.

From changing a light bulb to small fixes and even some big ones , we’ll take care of basic property maintenance tasks and will be on call throughout your guest’s stay.


Expect to never worry about little things!