Why Short Term Rental Management is Essential

When you put a house up for short term rental, you take on a huge amount of extra responsibility. You don't just need to keep the place neat and clean, but also have to make sure that everything is in perfect working order, the house smells and looks decently new, and that all of the peripheral services are taken care of. In short, it's like you're running a mini-hotel.

All of this is a huge amount of work, especially for someone who isn't used to it. Many who get into Airbnb and other short-term rental arrangements are actually more into investing than the hospitality business, and their properties might not be all that close to their own homes. Even those who do rent out parts of their own homes typically aren't used to keeping them in hotel condition. If either of these sound like you, you need to hire a short term rental management company like ours.

We manage short-term vacation rental properties as if they're each small hotels, rather than average residential houses. This includes housekeeping, linen services, concierge services, preventive maintenance, and more. You can choose one, several, or all of our services to keep your short-term rental property in top shape and give your guests the service level they desire.

Your reward for good short term rental management is improved reviews, more recommendations, and the ability to charge higher rates to stay at your properties. In some instances, having us manage short-term vacation rental properties will pay for itself due to the increased business you'll get as a result. You'll also be able to spend your time and mental energy on things other than cleaning and maintaining your rentals and handling everyday guest service requirements.